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Afonso Cruz is Livraria Lello’s Author of the Month

On October 22, at 9 pm, Livraria Lello receives award-winning author Afonso Cruz for an intimate conversation about his work.
Afonso Cruz é Autor do Mês na Livraria Lello
Afonso Cruz is a writer, illustrator, filmmaker, musician and October “Author of the Month” at Livraria Lello. He has published over 30 books and illustrated many others, including novels, short stories, essays, poetry, theater and nonfiction. In the autobiography that accompanies his works, he includes two fundamental notes: “he lives in the countryside and likes beer”.

Beer is, in fact, part of the title of one of his biggest hits, Jesus Cristo Bebia Cerveja (2012). He is the author of other successful novels such as A boneca de Kokoschka (2010), Para Onde Vão os Guarda-Chuvas (2013), Flores (2015) or Nem todas as Baleias Voam (2016).

His most recent work was released in April 2021, precisely on World Book Day. In O Vício dos Livros, Literature is the protagonist of a set of historical accounts, curiosities, reflections and unmissable personal memories. Between the end of October and the beginning of November, a new novel by the author, Sinopse de amor e de guerra, will be released in Portugal.

As a writer, he has already been distinguished with: the Maria Ondina Braga Travel Literature Grand Prize, awarded by the Portuguese Writers Association; the Fernando Namora Award; the Portuguese Society of Authors Award; the Time Out Award - Best Book of the Year; the European Union Prize for Literature; the Camilo Castelo Branco Tale Grand Prix and the Maria Rosa Colaço Literary Prize.

Cinema, illustration and music: the artist beyond the writer

As a director, he mainly made animation film. With the short film Dois Diários e um Azulejo, based on the work of Portuguese poet Mário de Sá Carneiro and produced together with Luís Alvoeiro and Jorge Margarido, in 2002, he won two honorable mentions (Cinanima and Famafest) and participated in several international festivals. He was also the director of O Desalmado and the series Histórias de Molero (an adaptation of Dinis Machado's book O Que Diz Molero).

As an illustrator, he published several works in the press and in school manuals and illustrated around three dozen children's books, with texts by José Jorge Letria, António Manuel Couto Viana, Alice Vieira and António Mota, among others. He won the 2015 National Prize for Illustration, with the book Capital.

Afonso Cruz is also part of the band The Soaked Lamb. He has recorded three albums, for which he composed several originals, wrote lyrics, sang and played different instruments.