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Privacy Policy


The protection of privacy and personal data is a priority and a clear commitment for the Company. This policy necessarily incorporates the privacy practices of the LIVRARIA LELLO website managed by the Company.

Any personal data provided by REGISTERED USERS will be treated with the guarantees of security and confidentiality required by the legislation on the protection of personal data.

The Company respects your right to privacy and does not collect any personal information about REGISTERED USERS without your request or explicit consent.
The present Policy aims to inform and explain the following points:
  1. Information that may be collected and the uses of personal data
 Personal data is requested when you register as a REGISTERED USER on the LELLO LIBRARY WEBSITE to access the LELLO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES provided by the Company, including setting up a personal account with USERNAME and PASSWORD. Such data is also requested in the case of orders and purchases of LELLO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, and as well as for the purpose of delivery of LELLO PRODUCTS by the Company.

Overall, the categories of personal data which may be collected, after prior authorisation from the REGISTERED USER, and which are subject to processing by the Company for the aforementioned purposes are the following:
  • Name; Birthday; Gender; Company name; Postal address; E-mail; Telephone; Tax identification number
The Company may also use personal data to maintain the quality of services provided and to obtain general statistics relating to usage of the LIVRARIA LELLO website. To this end, the Company combines the data collected automatically with personal data, such as name and email address.

The Company will also use the personal data of the REGISTERED USER in the context of the activity that develops through the LIVRARIA LELLO website, in particular, to:
  • Configure REGISTERED USER accounts,
  • Make available, execute and maintain the services, such as the subscription to the Company's Newsletter by REGISTERED USERS, virtual visits to the LIVRARIA LELLO space, participation in quizzes and other initiatives promoted by the Company,
  • Process and complete transactions (electronically ordering and acquiring the LELLO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES advertised and made available through the LIVRARIA LELLO website, and their sale and delivery by the Company to CLIENTS), as well as for the sending of related information, including transaction confirmations, invoices relating to the acquisition of services, and access tickets to the physical LIVRARIA LELLO premises,
  • Manage the acquisition of LELLO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES by the CLIENTS and the transaction history information available in their respective private area,
  • Answer requests for information or respond to complaints from REGISTERED USERS.
  1. Responsibility for data processing
The Company as data controller:
  • Ensures that personal data are processed only for the purposes for which they were collected or for reasons compatible with those purposes,
  • Collect, use and retain only the minimum personal data necessary and sufficient for the purposes in question,
  • Does not use personal data to send unsolicited mails whose content has not received explicit consent,
  • Does not transmit personal data for commercial or advertising purposes,
  • Processes personal data either for legally prescribed purposes or for the pursuit of services and online sales on request.
  1. Security of personal data
The Company, in the pursuit of its activities, deploys a set of security technologies and procedures suitable for the protection of personal data, safeguarding against unauthorised access and disclosure, in particular:
  • Physical security measures, in particular access controls for employees, collaborators and visitors to the head office premises and data and computing centres, very strict mechanisms for combating intrusion, extinguishing fires, around the clock monitoring of equipment and housing equipment in dedicated premises;
  • Logical security measures in terms of access to systems and work posts through mechanisms for identification, authentication and privilege management; in the network component, the implementation of firewalls and intrusion detection systems, segregating networks (internal, external and other zones) and application environments as well as encrypting information through secure communication channels.
  1. Rights of the data subject
Under the terms of the GENERAL REGULATION OF DATA PROTECTION (GRDP) currently in force, as data subjects and in relation to the data being processed by the Company, the REGISTERED USERS hold the following rights which they may exercise under the terms of the GRDP and other applicable legislation:
  • The right of access to their personal data,
  • The right to rectify their personal data,
  • The right to delete their personal data,
  • The right to limit the processing of their personal data,
  • The right of portability for the personal data they have provided,
  • The right to object to the processing of personal data concerning them,
  • The right not to be subject to any decision taken solely on the basis of automated processing.
The Company shall make all reasonable efforts, under the terms of the applicable legislation, to provide, correct or delete the personal data which it has processed.
To exercise the aforementioned rights, the REGISTERED USER, as the data subject for the personal data in question, may contact the Company at the following email address (

If such requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular because of their repetitive nature, the Company may require the data subject to pay a reasonable fee which shall take into account the administrative costs of providing the information, communication or taking the measures requested, or may refuse to act on the request.

When the processing is based on the consent of REGISTERED USERS, any REGISTERED USER shall have the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time, without compromising the lawfulness of the processing already carried out by the Company of the personal data based on the previously given consent.

The REGISTERED USER shall in any event retain the right to file complaints with a supervisory authority, which in Portugal is the NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR DATA PROTECTION (

For the purposes of recourse to the LIVRARIA LELLO SITE, REGISTERED USERS undertake to provide and keep all their personal data updated and accurate. In turn, the Company guarantees the scope for correcting and updating their data, preferably through their "PERSONAL ACCOUNT" or by resorting to the means already detailed above.
  1. Storage of personal data
The Company stores the personal data of REGISTERED USERS on servers located in the European Union. These servers are protected and maintained in compliance with the highest levels of security and the applicable privacy legislation. The data shall be retained only for the period strictly necessary for the processing and according to the purpose in question.

The Company shall keep personal data only for as long as either the REGISTERED USER registration remains active or as deemed necessary for the relevant activity, i.e., to make available the PRODUCTS and provide the contracted SERVICES without however jeopardising any obligation arising from the legislation and requiring the conservation of personal data beyond those storage periods.

When REGISTERED USERS close their accounts, the personal data associated will be deleted without undue delay.
  1. Transfer of personal data to third parties
The provision of services by the Company through the LIVRARIA LELLO website will imply the use of subcontracted third-party services, which involves access, by these third parties, to the REGISTERED USER's personal data. Specifically, the processing of payments made by ________ is the responsibility of Company __________, an entity registered at the Bank of Portugal according to the number _______, with the VAT no/Tax ID no. __________ and registered office at _____________________. The transport and delivery of LELLO PRODUCTS acquired electronically is the responsibility of Company ______________, with its registered office at ____________________ and VAT no/Tax ID no. __________.

The Company only uses processors which provide sufficient guarantees to carry out the technical and organisational measures necessary to meeting the applicable legislation in effect for the level of security appropriate to the data in question, and with the guarantees and obligations of these processors to be formally stipulated by the Company for each of these third parties. In whatever the case, only the personal data strictly necessary for the purposes in question shall be provided to the aforementioned entities.

In general, the Company shall only disclose personal data when such disclosure is required or permitted by law or in compliance with an order of a judicial, administrative or other authority competent under the terms of the legislation in force.
  1. Cookies and similar technologies
A cookie is a small information file that is installed on the browsers of USERS and stored on their computer or mobile platform following their visit to a website. The Company uses cookies on its website to improve the performance and browsing experience for its USERS, increasing the speed and efficiency of response on the one hand, and eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information on the other.
Placing cookies not only helps websites recognise the USER's device on the next visit but also facilitates their correct operation. The cookies used on the LIVRARIA LELLO website are the following:
  • Personalisation cookies: they allow USER preferences to be recognised so that on subsequent visits the USER does not have to select the same options again, thus making navigation easier,
  • Analytical cookies: they allow for the collection of information for statistical analysis of the navigation and utilisation of the LIVRARIA LELLO website returning information on how USERS navigate and therefore providing ways and means to improve their experience and the functionality of the website. The Company uses Google Analytics, one of the most common and reliable statistics services. The information collected, such as pages visited or time spent on each page, does not allow the identification of specific users since the visits are recorded anonymously.
The metadata generated by cookie usage may be sent to third parties for the analysis of trends, tracking the browsing of USERS, whether or not registered on the website, and its respective performance without, however, ever identifying any individual person.

How to control the use of cookies?

USERS can prevent the use of cookies in their browser settings. However, should you limit this option, the use of some features or the performance of certain tools may be restricted.
  1. Disclaimer of Liability
The Company may not be held liable for any losses (specifically including consequential damages, lost profits or moral damages), arising, directly or indirectly, from the correct or incorrect use of the LIVRARIA LELLO website and its contents by the USER, access to mobile platforms and computer and access to the USER's computer system by third parties.
The data disclosed on the LIVRARIA LELLO website are of an informative nature. Despite the Company's efforts to keep the contents updated and reliable, it does not guarantee that they may not contain inaccuracies, written errors or be out of date, and with the Company holding no such responsibilities for this fact.

These Terms and Conditions come into force from the date of their posting on this website (online), and may be subject to future amendments. Such amendments take effect from the date of their posting on this website (online), including explicit reference to the respective date.

The present Terms and Conditions fall under the auspices of Portuguese law.
The District Court of Porto is competent, to the exclusion of any other, for settling any disputes arising from the interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the provision and marketing of LELLO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

Date of placing online:
____ May 2021

ANNEX: Model form for exercising the right of free resolution
[you should complete and return this form only if you wish to terminate the contract]
[address to]
Rua das Carmelitas, 144
4150-161 Porto
  1. and/or livrarialello@
  2. You also have the option to electronically fill out and submit the request for free resolution or any other unequivocal statement of resolution directly through the LIVRARIA LELLO WEBSITE. Should you make recourse to this, acknowledgement of receipt of the request for resolution will be sent to you e-mail without delay.
[Indicate name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address].

I hereby give notice that I am terminating the contract for the acquisition of the following PRODUCT [identify precisely] and/or SERVICE [identify the type of Ticket voucher] purchased on [date] and received on [date].

I attach the receipt/invoice for this acquisition [if you did not request a receipt/invoice, please attach a copy of the confirmation of purchase message that you received via email].

[If you have purchased a book for which you now wish to exercise the right of free resolution, please inform us whether you have already visited LIVRARIA LELLO in which case you shall be charged for the amount corresponding to the cost of the entrance ticket].

[See the rules here both for exercising the right of free contractual resolution and for the return of the LELLO PRODUCTS under such terms].   

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