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Book release: A Arte Médica em Portugal no Segundo Milénio, Francisco do Carmo Pacheco

A Arte Média em Portugal

On September 22 at 7:30 pm, Livraria Lello welcomes the prestigious doctor, Francisco do Carmo Pacheco, for the presentation of his book, A Arte Médica em Portugal no Segundo Milénio. The author will be talking to António Maia Gonçalves, Medical Director of Unilabs, and specialist in Internal Medicine and Intensive Care.

According to Miguel Guimarães, Chairman of Ordem dos Médicos (the Portuguese Medical Association), in the preface to the work published by Livraria Lello, “specialty by specialty, the book allows us to know the difficulties and advances and setbacks suffered, as well as the great achievements , also giving us a very interesting view of how, with the new knowledge, the pieces of the puzzle that is the human body were put together […]”.