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October 16th marks 162 years since the acquittal of Camilo Castelo Branco for the crime of adultery.

Guided tour of the Camilo triangle with the well-known historian Joel Cleto.

Start, at 6pm, in front of the Porto Court of Appeal, where Camilo Castelo Branco's case is being held. The focus will be on Camilo's sentence for the crime of adultery.

The visit continues, at 6:30 pm, to the Portuguese Photography Center (formerly Cadeia da Recção), where the historian will talk about the relationship between Ana Plácido and Camilo and the writer's arrest.

And it ends at Livraria Lello, at 7pm, with a small gathering about one of the greatest classics of Portuguese literature Amor de Perdição and with emphasis on Archivo1861, the first book endorsed by Livraria Lello and a tribute to Amor de Perdição.

The meeting will be moderated by Joel Cleto, with the Administrator of Livraria Lello, Aurora Pedro, Pinto, The Judge Desembargador, José Igreja Matos, the Director of the CPF, Bernardino Castro, and Director of the Center for Camillian Studies, José Manuel, speaking with a few words. Oliveira.

During the meeting, a video call will be held with the Royal Portuguese Reading Cabinet.

At the end, participants will be invited to visit the exhibition “O Triângulo de Camilo”, on the 1st floor of the Bookstore, where a Port of Honor and chocolates will be served.