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Since 1906, our daily routine has been made up of dreams and achieving them. We are bold and work according to the same value. We are proud of what we do and, just like Pessoa, yearn to set off down new paths. We place the book at the centre of all our attentions and actions and perpetuate an attitude of absolute freedom to provide the foundation for a far broader intervention ranging across the entire field of culture. Aware not only of who we are, of our own DNA, but also of what we dream of becoming, we establish commitments to our community and to the wider world.


We seek to contribute to a more cultured world, with more readers and more books and thus to a happier world. We therefore strive to transform all of our visitors into readers and all those who already are into avid readers. However, we aim further and wish to be one of the leading importers and exporters of culture, nationally and internationally. Embracing this as one of our core goals in everything that we do, from the recommendations given about a particular book through to the mediatic profile of our cultural initiatives, we keep this objective fully in mind: setting the whole world reading.



We sense all of the value of a book as an object of knowledge, culture, art and investment. For example, we invest in the acquisition of rare and antique books; even those that, due to the trials of time, have been left “scarred”. We also hold the ambition to recover and perpetuate the memories of their homes – libraries and the leading bookstores that have closed down. We dream of becoming the world’s largest private collector of literature and have made heavy and very substantial investment to this end.



Ever since we opened our doors, we have been the meeting place for readers, writers and enthusiasts of the arts and letters. With great pleasure, we take up the role of ambassador of culture for the city of Porto, running a culturally relevant program. We also wish, through books and their histories, to actively contribute to the heritage restoration of cultural institutions.


Becoming a Landmark for the Cultural Tourism Sector

In recent years, we bestowed on the city of Porto and the world, a historical bookstore with a future, restored both inside and out, providing an improved heritage and cultural experience to all of those live and visit the city’s downtown area. We wish to continue with this mission; on the one hand, to provide an increasingly deep and refined experience to our visitors and, on the other hand, to contribute towards Porto’s present and future as a port of Cultural Tourism.



We dream of a fairer, more dignified, more inclusive and more sustainable world. So, with absolute respect for the environment that surrounds us, we strive to ensure our actions meet the most rigorous parameters for economic, environmental and social responsibility.


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