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Gilda nunes barata release a book with unpublished poems edited by livraria lello.

«Cathedrals are Born in the Sea» celebrates 20 years of the writer's poetry with a collection of unpublished poems.

Gilda Nunes launches book

«Cathedrals are Born in the Sea» will be presented on the 20th of November at 6:30pm (GMT + 1), in an online event, with the participation of João Soares and Pedro Baptista-Bastos.

An informal conversation around the new book Cathedrals Are Born in the Sea and around the Gilda Nunes Barata's career path, will bring together the writer, the president of the Board of Directors of Livraria Lello, Aurora Pedro Pinto, the former president of the Lisbon City Council and literary editor João Soares and the lawyer Pedro Baptista-Bastos. The event will be broadcast live on Livraria Lello's Facebook page and YouTube channel.
Cathedrals are Born in the Sea, a set of unpublished poems, written over the past three years, celebrate the author's journey in a voice that rises lyrically and confessionally. "We are facing a liturgy of innocence and complexity that arises from honest accessibility to an undeniable charm", describes in the preface Professor Eduardo Lourenço, adding that "the author of this book elevates her speech to the height of a cathedral".

Gilda Nunes Barata defines this bilingual collection - Portuguese and English - as “a gift” that can be interpreted in the light of the experiences of each reader. 

“Readers are people with a history of their own who must look at the book as an immensity of freedom”

The work, already available at Livraria Lello, appears to mark the 20th anniversary of the author's first poetry book, Quando o Rio e a Maré confluem, published in 1999. Since then, Gilda Nunes Barata has not stopped writing, now poetry, now poetic prose, along with illustrated children's stories.

Onde é que você estava no 25 de Abril?; O que é a saudade, querido José Maria?; Na terra das mil coisas; Zangaram-se as cores do arco-íris!, Duas irmãs em Odrinhas; Um dicionário mágico; Rockinho; e Um xaile com notas a chorar e Saudade, meu amor? Were some of her most successful works.