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Livraria Lello and Optimism at Happiness Camp

Livraria Lello is coming to Happiness Camp with surprises and lots of optimism. And this year, with its own stand!

Livraria Lello stands out not only for its interior, with its striking architecture and distinctive literary editions, but also for its exterior! It's impossible to walk past the bookshop and ignore our window display, currently inspired by one of Voltaire's best-known works, Candide or Optimism.  

Candide lives in a paradise, but this lifestyle is abruptly interrupted when, while travelling the world, the character encounters various difficulties and evil, dishonest characters along the way. However, with his kindness and optimism, he always manages to see the best in situations, valuing the positive side of the characters he meets.

Voltaire concludes this masterpiece with Candide saying, "we must cultivate our garden". This phrase could have several interpretations, one of which, in the eyes of Emotional Intelligence, is the way we deal with adversity. The fact that the character does so with positivity and optimism is a way of cultivating that garden, of being happier.

Inspired by this work, and aware that all books bring us happiness through what they teach us and where they take us, it makes perfect sense for the theme of our stand to be Candido's Optimism (and Literature), exploring a concept stand and linking it to the final message of the garden.

The Most Beautifull Bookshop in The Worl stand will not just be a display of products, but a space full of sensations and experiences, a combination of pop and youthful language, with products from the Livraria and a big surprise at the end.

Livraria Lello's optimistic garden is a sensory garden. With the unmistakable smell and touch of books as well as the sound of music.