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Livraria Lello at Le Bon Marché, Paris

At the invitation of the iconic Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche department store in Paris, from February 24th to April 21st, Livraria Lello participates in the thematic exhibition of books and other objects of art and culture, curated by Sarah Andelman.

Alongside other renowned global bookstores such as Strand Book Store in New York or Shakespeare and Company in Paris, Livraria Lello will be one of the protagonists of the Mise En Page exhibition, curated by Sarah Andelman. 

The founder of Just An Idea Books will transform the Le Bon Marché department store in collaboration with artist Jean Jullien, bringing together the most emblematic bookstores from around the world, exclusive products, and unprecedented collaborations.

Livraria Lello will be presented in Paris on February 24th with a selection of books and self-edited products. Among the literary treasures featured are iconic titles from Livraria Lello's The Pop Collection, such as The Little Prince, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Jungle Book, and the Institutional Book of Livraria Lello. José Saramago, the only Nobel laureate in Portuguese literature, who has an exclusive room inside Livraria Lello, will also be highlighted through a collection of products exploring his vast literary universe.

"It is a joy and a sign of international recognition to have been invited to participate in this exhibition in Paris, one of the largest and most prestigious department stores in the world. We will showcase books and the great author José Saramago, thus continuing to fulfill one of our main missions: being the largest exporter of national culture," says Aurora Pedro Pinto, Administrator of Livraria Lello. She adds, "We are confident that we will be very well received and will feel at home, as we welcome hundreds of French readers to Livraria Lello every day. It is now our turn to meet them."

This exhibition, running until April 21st, celebrates the transformative power of books, highlighting them in one of the most international and prestigious luxury retail stores in the world.