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Livraria lello launches new children’s collection totally developed by national artists


Livraria lello launches children's collection

Next Saturday, the 14th, Livraria Lello launches a collection of children’s books fully designed by national artists. The Little Collection is made up of five of the classics of universal literature – Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Tom Sawyer, The Jungle Book and The Wizard of Oz -, with unique illustrations produced by Portuguese artists. “Culture is one of the sectors most affected by the current world crisis and, for this reason, it is especially important to invest in Portuguese artists and authors”, defended Aurora Pedro Pinto, Livraria Lello Director. These books are entirely produced in Portugal and conscientiously designed and created.

This is called The Little Collection and is made up of five books with their texts adapted by Adélia Carvalho, reputed for her long career as a children’s author and with illustrations by Cátia Vidinhas, Evelina Oliveira, Gonçalo Viana, Sandra Sofia Santos and Sérgio Condeço under the auspices of Livraria Lello. Aurora Pedro Pinto explained. The collection is furthermore translated into Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

“Culture is one of the sectors most affected by the current world crisis and, for this reason, it is especially important to invest in Portuguese artists and authors”

“According to the Livraria Lello Director, The Little Collection serves to overcome a gap in the Portuguese market as it makes the adaptation of the literary classics that children, future readers, should know. “This is the introduction for the youngest readers to these great authors, a way of perpetuating these literary classes among the new generations and contributing towards ensuring these books and their authors do not lapse into obscurity”. Five magic stories, purpose edited for Livraria Lello in this festive season. “They are a marvellous Christmas present and will make all children travel off to imaginary worlds without even having to leave home”, added Aurora Pedro Pinto.

The Little Collection goes on sale at Livraria Lello next Saturday on the same day that the bookstore inaugurates its Christmas window displays and decorations that are this year based upon the characters of these five literary classics. Sweet Dreams is the name of the window display installation, which seeks its inspiration from these five magical stories that will most certainly inspire all those who pass by Livraria Lello in this festive season.

Livraria lello launches children's collection


Cátia Vidinhas, responsible for illustrating Peter Pan, displays the features that are characteristic of her work: a romantic vision of the character, attention to details in which each illustration contains other facets within its own scope. Peter Pan, for example, is made out of leaves that symbolise nature.

In Alice in Wonderland, Sandra Sofia Santos reinterprets the personality of the main character, placing emphasis on her strength to the contrary of the fragile image that she normally conveys. With a geometric and defined outline, these illustrations stand out for the application of strong and impactful colours.

Sérgio Condeço opted to highlight the funnier side to Tom Sawyer: the care-free nature, through the simple lines of his drawing and the emphasis on the colours and the distortion of some of the body shapes of the characters.