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Livraria Lello, Lionesa Group and BIC celebrate 90 years of architect Álvaro Siza with the launch of a limited edition ballpoint pen

A unique version of the elegant BIC® Cristal® Re’New ballpoint pen, celebrating the greatest Portuguese architect, is launched by Livraria Lello. The Portuguese Pritzker has always used BIC pens to draw.

Responding to a challenge from the Lionesa Group, on the 29th of June, Livraria Lello will launch, together with BIC, a limited edition of the BIC® Cristal® Re'NewTM ballpoint pen, the premium rechargeable version with a silver metallic body inspired by the BIC® Cristal® Original. Each ballpoint pen is engraved with a message and the signature of Álvaro Siza Vieira, the Portuguese architect who turned 90 on the 25th of June and who has the highest distinction in the world of architecture, the Pritzker Prize.

There will be 2023 copies of BIC® Cristal® Re'NewTM by Siza Vieira, in Portuguese and English versions, which will be available at the centenary Portuguese bookshop from June 30th, and which will be accompanied by a special box, which also celebrates the 90 architect years.

“The connection between Livraria Lello, the Lionesa Group and my family with Álvaro Siza is already long. Together with the architect, we have developed several projects that we are proud of, and the architect is currently developing the requalification project for the Monastery of Leça do Balio, including the Temple of Siza Vieira and the Caminho da Arte project, and the building next to the Livraria Lello where the new cultural space of the Livraria will be born. It is for this reason that we are very happy to celebrate its 90th anniversary with the launch of this limited edition pen, similar to the ones we usually see the architect use to draw, and which results from a partnership with BIC, a brand that is also historic”, he says. Aurora Pedro Pinto, Administrator of Livraria Lello.

Álvaro Siza has always used BIC® Cristal® Original in black paint on a daily basis in his office. A ballpoint pen that inspired the BIC® Cristal® Re’NewTM version that he now signs.

“This is one of the most special collaborations in BIC's path in Portugal, which celebrates Siza Vieira, an absolutely unique personality with unrepeatable work in contemporary architecture. All this with Livraria Lello as a partner, which represents much more than a commercial space, it is an unavoidable symbol of the city of Porto, which has contributed abundantly to the appreciation of global literature. It is an honor to be part of this creation of such an exclusive character”, comments Pedro Domingos, General Manager of BIC Spain and Portugal.

The launch event will be private and will take place at Livraria Lello, at 20:00, on the 29th of June.