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Livraria Lello spreads vending machines across Porto to claim the book as an essential asset

A partnership between Livraria Lello, My Break by Delta Cafés and Control, takes vending machines with books, coffee and condoms to six locations in Porto and Matosinhos.

Vending Livraria Lello


What do books, coffee and condoms have in common? All correspond to visceral needs, and desires that call for an immediate response and, therefore, must be accessible anywhere, anytime, any day. This was the premise that gave rise to the “Satisfying Your Cravings 24/7” initiative.

An unprecedented partnership between Livraria Lello and My Break by Delta Cafés and Control takes vending machines with books, coffee, and condoms to six unusual locations in the Porto metropolitan area: Livraria Lello, Lionesa Business Hub, Rua do Loureiro, Metro do Porto Porto in Trindade, Porto Welcome Center, and Matosinhos Municipal Market.

“This action continues the work that Livraria Lello has been doing to fulfill its mission of getting the whole world to read. With this irreverent action, we want to claim the book as a basic necessity and attract new audiences to read it”, explains the administrator of Livraria Lello, Aurora Pedro Pinto.

The initiative is part of the set of actions that mark the launch of the Lionesa Group, officially announced on the 29th of September. The group owns Livraria Lello assets and the two share the objective of valuing the territory, through culture, art and innovation.