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Livraria Lello suggests…

Livraria Lello suggests."Pela Estrada Fora" by Jack Kerouac and "Caim" by José Saramago

Summer is here and Livraria Lello couldn't help but recommend some reading for this time of the year.

The books Pela Estrada Fora by Jack Kerouac and Caim by José Saramago are our booksellers' suggestions for July. Two books with striking characters and messages, but simple and quick to read, perfect for reading on the beach or a terrace.  

Pela Estrada Fora, de Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac's Pela Estrada Fora tells the story of protagonists Sal and Dean who enjoy each day as if it were their last, carrying with them a desire for freedom and the enjoyment of youth.

This is a book that has the power to give the reader the feeling that they are reading a diary, which conveys an intimate relationship with the narrator. The result is a reading that goes by as fast as the protagonists' lives, at a ferocious speed.

Caim, José Saramago

In this work, the only Nobel Prize winner for Literature in the Portuguese language defends his freedom of expression, writing a book that defines God, the infinite and eternal spirit, as a criminal who underestimates all the sacrifices offered by Caim.

Saramago describes the history of humanity as a life of disagreements with God and exposes many questions that have been lost in the collective subconscious.  

This book caused a lot of controversy at the time of its release since the author's biblical interpretation is made in an ironic and audacious way. The criticism, however, did not affect the author.