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The month of January marks the anniversary of the Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World. On the 13th, Livraria Lello completed 117 years and, along with all the surprises that appeared on that day, the collection grew even more with the launch of the new collection “Dystopic Novels” and the institutional book, “Livraria Lello: The Book”.

Livraria Livro: The Book*

The Institutional Book of Livraria Lello began to be thought out many years ago and, therefore, went through a long path of maturation, discussion of ideas, search for the best designers, the best photographer and the best authors who together managed to convey in 180 pages everything that the words Livraria Lello mean.
From Ernesto Chardron, passing through the Lello Brothers and culminating in the Pedro Pinto family, Livraria Lello: The Book tells above all the enormous thirst to do, to build futures that, daily, guide all those who dream inside and outside the Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World.

Dystopic Novels*

In celebration of its 117 years, Livraria Lello increases its editorial offer with the launch of a collection of three dystopian novels, fundamental in world literature: 1984, The Iron Heel and The War of the Worlds.
With covers signed by the multi-award-winning American artist Mike Perry, these three titles warn of totalitarian, dangerous worlds, in which, almost always, books are prohibited, because they allow access to a more cultured world, where new ideas and issues germinate.

*The books can be purchased at our bookshop. Available soon on our website store.