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Livraria Lello suggests...

Livraria Lello suggests...
In honor of the anniversary of Jules Verne, we offered two tickets to London, the city where the main character of the book Around the World in 80 Days set out on his journey.
We also launched the challenge of creating the most original love phrase for our social media followers. The winner was presented with the classic romance Romeo and Juliet from our “The Pop Collection”.

With a month like this, the suggestions by Livraria Lello's booksellers had to be inspired by these incredible surprises!

Around the World in 80 Days – Jules Verne

Phileas Fogg, an English gentleman, lived in London and followed a fixed routine, from morning to night.
One day, after hearing news about a robbery at the Bank of England, Fogg, in the middle of a conversation with his colleagues, mentions that the thief could be anywhere in the world because, thanks to technological advances, anyone would be able to give around the world in just 80 days. Because of this sentence, he was forced to prove to his colleagues that this action was possible.
Considered one of the greatest books in the world, this story has already inspired countless adaptations from theater to cinema.

Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare

This work crossed countless generations and ended up becoming one of the most famous novels in Western literature. The love story takes place in Verona, in the interior of Italy, and tells the story of Romeo Montecchio and Juliet Capuleto.
Although the characters' relationship is condemned and forbidden by their family, Romeo and Juliet don't let anything shake their love. They get married in secret and try to live it in the best way. However, nothing goes as planned.
Despite the terribly tragic ending, Romeo and Juliet represent one of Shakespeare's most iconic books. It is inspiration for countless films, songs, poetry and paintings.