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Livraria Lello suggests...

Livraria Lello suggests...
Since 1906, Livraria Lello has placed the Book at the center of all its activities, perpetuating vast interventions in the cultural area, both nationally and internationally. For this reason, in May we bring these two renowned authors to the Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World:

João de Melo will be the author of the month, who will be present on the 18th, and, on the 26th, the Brazilian author Itamar Vieira Junior will present the latest book “Salvar o Fogo”.

Therefore, our Booksellers' suggestions for the month pay homage to these two very important events.

Happy People in Tears, by João de Melo

A saga that irresistibly drags the reader along five worlds, lived and thought through the obsessive search for happiness that moves its protagonists.
Polyphonically conceived as the description of the various ways of experiencing the bitterness that mediates between abandoning the land and returning to the domain of what is familiar, this pilgrimage possible in times of scarcity of adventure is the definitive lesson that the return is not limited to come full circle and constitute a fascinating vision of Portugal that we all, in one way or another, know.

Salvar o Fogo, by Itamar Vieira Junior

In this epic, lyrical novel capable of moving the reader on every page, Itamar Vieira Junior tells the story of Moisés, a boy who, after losing his mother, starts living with his father and sister, Luzia, in Tapera do Paraguaçu.
The brothers then leave in search of a better life, but Luzia is forced to stay as the family's caregiver. Thus, she leads a life of deep religious meaning, working as a washerwoman in a monastery and educating Moses rigidly. However, the experience of this training negatively marks the boy and he ends up leaving home and his family.
Several years later Moses meets Luzia, in a completely different version. This is a work that shows that, often, the ghosts of a family cannot be distinguished from the ghosts of a country.