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Livraria Lello suggests...

Livraria Lello suggests...
The 12th of August is International Youth Day. These data aim to appeal to issues related to education, mental health, sustainability and, of course, youth culture around the world.
Livraria Lello feels all the value of the book as an object of knowledge, culture and art. Therefore, our books have been dedicated to their suggestions that represent our future.

Peter Pan. by J.M.

A wildly imaginative story about the boy who didn't want to grow up, which drags readers into a fantasy world where courage, friendship and loyalty are the law. Symbol of perennial youth and the desire for escapism that exists in all of us, Peter Pan, in the pen of J. M. Barrie, reminds us how to play and dream.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

Comprised of fun and nostalgic memories of Mississippi from Mark Twain's youth, this work features one of the most exuberant and restless characters in the entire history of literature, Tom Sawyer. And it is in the idealism of this restless boy's curiosity and in the confrontation with what, through his eyes, we see, that we come across, through literature, the young North American nation - which was celebrating its first century - trying to see itself in the mirror and find out who you are. A novel that has since delighted readers of all time.