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Livraria Lello suggests...

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September arrives and Livraria Lello brings unique events and literary suggestions to mark this rentrée.
Our booksellers enriched the shelves with a book by Norma Pott, presented in the Afterword of Carmelitas, and another book by Madalena Sá Fernandes, presented in The Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World.

The Leaf Keeper Boy, Norma Pott

The possibility for each of us to be able to build a Herbarium and personalize it with drawings, clippings, words, photos and memories is the great challenge that Menino Guardador de Folhas undertakes, in this book, as a kind of diary, in a poetic way of writing that calls for nature conservation. Like us, all plants have stories to tell!

Leme, Madalena Sá Fernandes

Leme is the account of the experience of a girl who, for years, watches the erosion of the pillars that support human connections: she sees her mother subjugated to the violence of the man with whom she maintains a dysfunctional love relationship; she experiences firsthand the distortion of the roles played by parents and children; she feeds on loneliness to overcome a daily life of fear and fury; she fights for a place of her own in the midst of family chaos; she learns to recognize the consolation of small victories; and, finally, he rebuilds himself and her memories.