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Livraria Lello suggests...

Livraria Lello suggests...
The month of November brought us the presence of author Enrique Vila-Matas, whose literature is a virtuoso fusion of essay, journalistic chronicle and novel, and the launch of the book Annona ou Misto Curioso, the first culinary serial in the Portuguese language, published between 1836 and 1837 and almost disappeared, now republished by Livraria Lello in a book in partnership with Real Gabinete Português de Leitura. Under this theme, our booksellers suggest the following books for the penultimate month of the year:

Montevideo, Enrique Vila-Matas

Montevideo is a true fiction, a great treatise on the ambiguity of the world as a characteristic feature of our time, a novel in which the best Vila-Matas finds the way to name things again when it seems like everything has already been said; a feat all the more admirable because the central core of his work is none other than the modernity of the novel.

Annona ou Misto Curioso

The first culinary feuilleton in the Portuguese language, published between 1836 and 1837 and nearly vanished, is set to be reissued by Livraria Lello in book form, in collaboration with the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura. "Annona or Misto Curioso" is now transformed into a book for the 21st-century reader. It is a delightful journey through time, bringing together a collection of diverse recipes seasoned with Portuguese tradition and culture. The book is accompanied by parlor games, "digestible" stories of Portugal, mythological fables, poems, and short narratives that animated festive evenings in the 19th century and are sure to entertain contemporary readers.
A rare and essential document for researching the culinary practices that reflect the customs of a unique era.