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Livraria Lello suggests José Saramago

Livraria Lello sugere José Saramago

In the month in which the celebrations of José Saramago's centenary come to an end, the best way to celebrate it is undoubtedly to read or reread the author's works.

In November, in addition to the two reading suggestions, we take the opportunity to invite the whole community to dive into this magnificent legacy that the writer left us in the José Saramago Room at Livraria Lello. From the works to the personal objects, get a closer look at our Nobel Literature Prize winner.
O Evangelho segundo Jesus Cristo, by José Saramago

O Evangelho segundo Jesus Cristo, is, in José Saramago's words, a very daring work, but, at the same time, a very honest one, with the capacity to confuse and/or anger many readers.

This novel published in 1991 is considered by many a blasphemous work since the writer transformed a sacred story into a tale full of parodies and ironies. Inspired by the gospels in The New Testament, José Saramago narrates the life of Jesus Christ, a perfect figure in the eyes of those who believe in him, but who, in the author's vision, is a man with both perfections and defects.

As Intermitências da Morte, by José Saramago

To write this work, José Saramago takes death as a theme for deep reflection, to demonstrate that death is a fundamental event for the balance of nature.

In a book that faithfully follows the author's style, emphasizing, even more, the use of sarcasm and irony, José Saramago criticizes modern society, reflecting on and criticizing the behavior of the most prestigious elements in society.