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Sant Jordi
On the 23rd of April, Sunday, Livraria Lello will be at what is the biggest book celebration in Spain, Sant Jordi, with a tent entirely dedicated to the Little Prince, which will be located in Plaza Reial, a few meters from the famous Ramblas.

On the same day that World Book Day is celebrated, Barcelona is transformed into a large open-air bookstore, to celebrate the tradition of its patron saint, Sant Jordi. Legend has it that Sant Jordi saved a princess by killing a dragon, and red roses were born from her blood. Patron saint of Catalonia since the 15th century – but celebrated in various parts of the planet – it is in Barcelona that the biggest party takes place. Tradition says that flowers and books are offered on that day.

It is in this festive atmosphere that Livraria Lello will participate, taking to Barcelona editions of Principezinho edited by itself, in several languages, but mainly in Spanish. On that day, a special edition commemorating the 80th anniversary of the launch of the first edition, published in 1943, will be released. found in the Mediterranean, and which will be on display at Livraria Lello from May 10th, the day this special edition goes on sale in Portugal. Until then, and since April 23, it will be available for pre-sale on the Livraria website, at .

Lastly, at Livraria Lello's stand, two first editions of the work will be on display, numbered and signed by Exupéry, a limited edition, which belong to the Livraria's estate.

In Porto, Sant Jordi stands out with an explosion of roses on the façade and inside the bookshop, similar to what happens in buildings in Barcelona, and with the offer of a very special bookmark to the first 500 readers of that day.

Little prince, the dream book Livraria Lello chose to take the Little Prince to the biggest Spanish book festival, not only because we are celebrating the 80th anniversary of the launch of the first edition, but also because the work has a very special meaning for Livraria. It was with Principezinho that Livraria Lello published again, in 2018, and launched in its The Collection the book that became one of its best sellers. And it is the magic and the little prince's dream that daily inspire us to reinvent ourselves, always having as our main purpose the greater ambition of getting the whole world to read.