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Manifesto of satire, adventure and optimism

Candide is an optimistic character who goes through all sorts of hardships and adventures, but who never seems defeated by pessimism. The book tells the story of a return to the world on the run while also being a fierce social satire. A destination that is not controlled, a man who remains naive and optimistic through the most tortuous losses and framing the picture, some symbology of his journey and his thoughts.
The new window display of the Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World explores this world of Candide or The Optimist, from Metaphysics-Theology-Cosmolonigology, an invented discipline, laden with esotericism, to the unpredictable and insane repercussions of each of the events.
Through a visual approach in a Pop and Kitsch universe, inspired by the aesthetics of the images of photographer David LaChapelle, in one of the colors of the year Digital Lavender and in the presence of light connected to religious references, the mirror balls represent the globe, travel, joy, optimism, together with the graphic elements and illustrations of the characters in the book.

Window display by: ​​​​​ “Por Vocação / Pedro Caride”