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Porto’s São João

Celebração do São João
Because São João is the most typical party in Porto, Livraria Lello wants to commemorate this day with all its visitors.

The feast is celebrated on June 24th. It began as a pagan celebration, associated with the summer solstice, and became a Catholic celebration, marking the birth of St. John the Baptist. In Porto, it is a municipal holiday and the most famous popular celebration, with festivities and fireworks all over the city.

On the Eve, June 23, Livraria Lello celebrates with its visitors, challenging them to take pictures with a very special frame, so that they can take with them memories of a unique tradition.

Throughout the week, those who visit us will be filled with the joy of this festivity, through some of the most traditional decorative elements of the time, and the Sanjoanine quatrains written by Fernando Pessoa.

On Saint John's Day, Livraria Lello will be closed so that its employees can also fully experience this date.