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Online event scheduled for this Friday, 4th of December, at 9:30 pm (GMT + 1), with the participation of the psychologist Eduardo Sá and the authors of The Little Collection, and moderation by journalist Miguel Soares

In the December edition of the Author of the Month, based on its children's collection The Little Collection, Livraria Lello promotes the debate on the importance of children's literature in the development of creativity and imagination. A conversation moderated by the journalist Miguel Soares, with the administrator of Livraria Lello Aurora Pedro Pinto, the writer and illustrators who sign the collection and the psychologist Eduardo Sá. The moment will take place tomorrow, Friday, at 21.30, through Livraria Lello's Facebook and Youtube pages.

Children's literature is capable of taking readers on a deep journey through imaginary worlds. An escape from reality so essential these days, and even more important when we talk about developing personalities. But, after all, what is the role of children's books in the development of creativity?

To seek answers to this and other questions on the subject, Livraria Lello invited Eduardo Sá, clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst and university professor, specialized in family health and parental education, to join the discussion.

And in the construction of parallel realities full of magic, how do text and illustration come together to awaken the imagination? Adélia Carvalho, known for her long career as a children's author, was responsible for adapting texts from five classics of universal literature - Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Tom Sawyer, The Jungle Book and the Wizard of Oz - for the collection children's The Little Collection and will help answer this question.

Also based on the experience of creating the Livraria Lello’s children's collection, illustrators Cátia Vidinhas, Evelina Oliveira, Gonçalo Viana, Sandra Sofia Santos and Sérgio Condeço will share perspectives on the subject.

The Little Collection is a collection with the seal of Livraria Lello, fully produced in Portugal and created in a conscious way.

The event takes place exclusively online and will be broadcast on Livraria Lello's Facebook page and YouTube channel.