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Rui Couceiro is the author of the month at Livraria Lello

Rui Couceiro is the March author in Livraria Lello
Rui Couceiro released his first novel, Baiôa sem dia para morte, in June of last year and since then the book has already been republished and received unanimous applause from literary critics from different areas.
It is about this short but notable literary journey that Rui Couceiro will speak with journalist Carlos Daniel on the 9th of March, at 9 pm, at Livraria Lello.

Rui Couceiro was born in Porto, in the city of Espinho, in 1984. His passion for writing and journalism began in his teens and, therefore, at the age of 15 began a course of eight years on local radio. Degree in Social Communication and a Postgraduate in Cultural Studies, he had the opportunity to intern at SIC and be a correspondent of Lusa, however, it was in 2006 that discovered his new, and current, passion, the books. He became a communication advisor and cultural coordinator of Porto Editora and, in 2016, took office as an editor at Bertrand. In 2021, he became a member of the Cultural Council of the Eça de Queiroz Foundation.

In this session, which will have readings from Rui Spranger, Rui Couceiro will address various subjects, especially the book Baiôa without a date to die. This work brings together poetry and irony of memorable characters and imaginative exuberance, and building a web that thickens to the rhythm of reading, Rui Couceiro puts two antagonistic, urban and rural worlds face to face.

The book was acclaimed by several authors among them Alberto Manguel, one of the authors of the month of the Lello Bookstore, who admitted to having read this work on a night. According to the author, "This is such a perfect romance, so wonderfully written, with such originality that I don't believe it is your first novel."

The session is free admission, upon prior registration, and with capacity limited to the capacity of the bookstore. It will also be possible to watch the event via livestreaming, on the Facebook page, or on the Livraria Lello YouTube channel.