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Livraria Lello keeps tribute to Salman Rushdie despite the author not coming (yet) to Portugal

Salman Rushdie is recovering from the brutal attack he suffered in New York and, therefore, will not be able to travel to Porto to participate in the event that Livraria Lello was going to dedicate to him. Certain that it will soon be able to announce a new date to receive the author, the Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World will highlight his work throughout the month of September.

Salman Rushdie


The brutal and unacceptable act that we all witnessed in disbelief postponed – not canceled – the arrival of Salman Rushdie to Portugal and Livraria Lello, until he recovers physically and mentally, in fullness. “From Porto and with the whole world inside, Livraria Lello embraces the enormous writer Salman Rushdie. We wish his recovery to be speedy and with as little pain as possible, and soon we hope to be able to welcome him to give him, with our readers, that hug”, says the administrator of Livraria Lello, Aurora Pedro Pinto.

The author canceled his visit to Portugal, which was scheduled for September 17, to participate in an event organized in his honor by Livraria Lello but left open the possibility of resuming the plan as soon as the medical condition allows it. Meanwhile, Livraria Lello will continue to highlight the remarkable and timeless author and his work, dedicating the entire month of September to him. “Salman Rushdie will continue to be our Author of the Month, so we invite all our readers to celebrate his work in the best possible way: reading it (or rereading it)”, reiterates Aurora Pedro Pinto.

Considered one of the best authors of our time, read and studied all over the world, Ahmed Salman Rushdie is the only writer to have been twice awarded the famous Booker Prize, in 1981, and the Booker of Bookers Prize, in 1993, awarded to the best book published during the first 25 years of the important British literary prize. He is also one of the names highlighted since June 2021 in the installation Livraria Lello x Time: What Makes a Nobel ?, a tribute to the best of world literature, which can be visited on the first floor of Livraria Lello.