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The hour is here! From the Fog to the Sun that will come

We start from the last verse of Mensagem, by Fernando Pessoa, one of the greatest works of Portuguese culture of the 20th century, and look at the alarming numbers of reading, access to the Book and culture in Portugal. We launch the alert: we commit to doing more and better to change them.
With this panorama in mind, we reveal the new windows, an artistic installation signed by Atelier Caviar, which aims to attract everyone's attention to this problem, demonstrating that there is still time to transform the lived reality.
Nevoeiro, the last poem in the book, contains an impressive dramatic intensity, where Pessoa metaphorically describes, and in a tone of deep sadness, a Portugal with vague contours, in a profound crisis of identity and without direction, as we find it now in the context of reading and culture. But when there is fog, there is mystery and within it you can see the possibility of change, the hope of a new reality behind the veil. A bridge to the future. A Sun that will come.
Through this duality of the fog, we intend to convey that there is still hope for reversing the numbers, and that “It’s time!” to, together, define actions that result in changing the current scenario, contributing to a country with more readers, more culture, happier.
The installation, which calls for reflection and change, will be on view until April 26th.