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Three books & Three trips

Porto city
By Rui Moutinho

Holidays are synonymous with rest, relaxation, and leisure. But it’s also a time to redefine the return to studies or work. For this vacation period, when many people are still on vacation, we recommend three readings, in three different literary forms.

Selected Short Stories, by Edgar Allan Poe, both for its brevity and for its excitingly mysterious content, is appreciated as a pleasant reading for a morning of travel or on the beach. This title from the Livraria Lello Collection has seven selected short stories full of mystery and suspense.

For this reason, and for their brevity, they are excellent readings for the summer break, and for those traveling who want to travel for a short and exciting reading.

The Sonnets, by William Shakespeare, on the other hand, will be a perfect companion to explain, with conciseness, musicality, and spirit that only poetry can provide. They can be accompanied by a beautiful landscape and, why not, a drink. Both poetry and spirit should be consumed, and following Baudelaire's advice in the poem Enivrez-Vous (Le Spleen de Paris, 1864), to taste.

The work published in 1640, became an unavoidable classic, composed of 154 sonnets, all of them pure inspiration, beauty, and wisdom.

The third classic that we suggest is not a work of fiction, but an ancient work The Art of War. Its famous military strategy content is, nowadays, an almanac also in the world of management and business. Containing considerations by Sun-Tzu, on thirteen themes that matter to leadership and the art of decision making, assuming a practical-philosophical content. Adviser, reflective, and rebuilding, this is how A Arte da Guerra intends to read, something that becomes easier in the holiday, novelty, and discovery environment, which is present in the three sources during this period.

The ideal reading for a change of cycle, promoting creativity and is a guarantee of inspiration in the personal and professional lives of readers.


​​​​​Rui Moutinho, born in Porto, a city with which he shares his love for books. Father and active, concerned, and curious citizen. He is currently increasing his training as a student of Education while working as a bookseller at Livraria Lello.