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Vista Alegre celebrates 200 years with the launch of the book "A Fábrica Alegre" at Livraria Lello

vista alegre
Livraria Lello is hosting the presentation of the book commemorating the bicentenary of Vista Alegre, the oldest and most famous Portuguese brand of luxury porcelain, crystal, glass, tableware and decorative pieces. The presentation of A Fábrica Alegre, written by Adélia Carvalho and illustrated by Marla Cruz Linares, will be moderated by Rui Reininho and will take place this Friday, April 19, at 9pm.

Published by Tcharan and Vista Alegre, A Fábrica Alegre is a book that tells the story of the first industrial unit dedicated to the production of porcelain in Portugal, founded by José Ferreira Pinto Basto in Aveiro.

200 years after its creation in 1824, Vista Alegre has maintained its place as a leader in innovation, design and the art of porcelain, winning prestigious international awards and expanding its network of stores to more than a dozen countries.

To celebrate two centuries of life, Adélia Carvalho has combined her writing with drawings by Marla Cruz Linares to create A Fábrica Alegre, a book about the two-hundred-year-old factory and its neighborhood. The presentation will take place at Livraria Lello on April 19 at 9pm and will be attended by the author, the illustrator and Rui Reininho, who will moderate the meeting.

"We are delighted to be launching the book A Fábrica Alegre, which serves as a motto for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Vista Alegre, a brand that, like Livraria Lello, is centenary, and therefore plays an important role in Portuguese history, in the case of Vista Alegre, in the history of porcelain," says Aurora Pedro Pinto, Administrator of Livraria Lello.

The event is free and requires registration via the form.