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Welcome “The Pop Collection”

Welcome “The Pop Collection”
The Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World has launched a new collection that brings together 43 titles of classic literature. “The Pop Collection” extends the collection launched in 2018, “The Collection”, and encompasses titles such as “Orlando” and “Frankenstein”.
The new rebranding of Livraria Lello resulted in several innovations, one of which is the new collection: “The Pop Collection”.

The increase in demand for books published by Livraria Lello raised the need for us to become editors again, so to our 29 titles of classics of literature, published in 4 languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish and French), we added another 14 works.

We handed this idea over to Studio Eduardo Aires, inspired by the colors of the rebranding, imbued dynamism and youth to the new collection, launching a more “Pop” color proposal, more attractive, maintaining the true essence of the works.

This was another stage completed on the path we intend to follow, to be a publisher that goes hand in hand with the mission: “Getting the whole world to read”.