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World Book Day
On April 23rd is celebrated the World Book and Copyright Day. Since 1995, this day dedicated to the Book has been on the calendar. Livraria Lello has dedicated every day of its life, for 116 years, to the Book.

UNESCO created the World Book and Copyright Day, 27 years ago, to “foster a taste for reading and respect the work of those who, through writing, have contributed to the social and cultural progress of Humanity ”. They chose April 23rd because it is a date full of coincidences, linked to some of the most important authors of all time.

On this day, in 1616, three great authors passed away: Miguel de Cervantes, Garcilaso de la Veja, and William Shakespeare, who was also born on April 23rd, in 1564. But we do not stop there. The list of writers who were born on April 23rd is vast: Russian Vladimir Nabokov in 1899, Icelandic Halldór Kiljan Laxness in 1902, French Maurice Druon in 1918, and Colombian Manuel Mejía Vallejo in 1923. Also on April 23rd, 1981, died Spanish Josep Pla.

Livraria Lello will celebrate this day with its visitors but, above all, with the online community. Focused on its main goal of getting the whole world reading, the World's Most Beautiful Bookshop will reinforce its online presence by joining TikTok. The goal is to get closer to a younger audiences, who are present and future readers. Every day, Livraria Lello seeks to implement strategies to bring books closer to its current and potential readers, and this is one of the main ways to achieve this: reaching out to younger people, speaking their language and being where they are.

Throughout the day, there will be surprises for visitors and articles will be published on our blog and social networks that explore the relationship between these two worlds.