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A Ampola Miraculosa

Alexandre O'Neill

ISBN: 0000000000198



2 000,00€

A first edition of the first book written by the surrealist poet, Alexandre O'Neill, published in 1948 as part of the Cadernos Surrealistas collection, which began that same year. Defined as a collage novel, this consists of 13 pre-existing images, derived from almanacs, popular encyclopaedias, and scientific information manuals. Its iconic red paperback binding with letters torn into black highlights pictorial language of Alexandre O'Neill with its traits recognisable across so many of his works. His production, both artistic and literary, would not be vast, revealing above all a desire for experimentation, for automatism and chance. Ampola Miraculosa structures an oneiric story, in the Surrealist style, based on the iconographic and textual sequence of the different pages. A surprising visual narrative that still today remains a reference point in Portuguese Surrealism.