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A Arte e Natureza em Portugal

Emílio Biel

ISBN: 0000000000154



2 300,00€

Should you enjoy travelling whether in space or time, seize this opportunity to explore the Portugal of the early 20th century through the gaze of Emílio Biel, the German publisher and photographer who registers as one of the pioneers of photography and phototypesetting in Portugal. This is the first edition of one of the author's most outstanding works, distinguished by its beautiful brown editorial binding, illustrated with allegories and monuments, and engraved in gold. The publication of A Arte e a Natureza em Portugal was one of the ventures to which Emílio Biel devoted most time and effort. His desire to publish a major work on the Portuguese heritage here became a reality following a long collaboration with Joaquim de Vasconcelos, a renowned historian and art critic. The study, with a bilingual text in Portuguese and French, is composed of eight volumes, with beautiful illustrations reproducing the photographs taken by Emílio Biel accompanied by historical, artistic, and ethnographic notes for each region or monument. In A Arte e a Natureza em Portugal, the author created one of the most important iconographic repositories of the country through portraying its most charming features.