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O Que é a Saudade Querido José Maria

Gilda Nunes Barata

ISBN: 9789895401901


What's yearning, dear José Maria? is the result of a deep connection between na aunt and a 3 years old nephew, in 2001. Publishe when José Maria was 18 years old, other book mould reaffirm the same Love. The inquiries? Those could be others in their combined truth. Paulo E. A. Borges wrote in the foreword: «Moved by the spendour of the world in the form of her nephew, Gilda Nunes Barata develops her poetic work here, enriched by the speculative burst of exuberant and lively thinking, wounded with emotion and winged by imagination». A Livraria Lello's edition, in Portuguese, English and Spanish and with illustrations by the author.